Our Story

Hi. We’re Keren Gilbert and Sara Siskind, the founders of F the 15.

We are also moms, professional nutritionists and entrepreneurs. One day at lunch, we were discussing some of the challenges that we were facing in our individual practices. We discovered we were seeing a trend occurring among our clientele – young college girls anxious and frustrated about the tasks of eating healthy and feeling good while on their own. We realized that many of the girls’ trepidations were similar – fear of gaining the dreaded freshman 15, picking the right things to eat in their dining halls, what snacks to keep in their dorms, where to work out, where to order from, where to shop for food, social pressure, drinking, late night ordering in, time management and stress. Many of the girls felt overwhelmed and alone.

It was at that lunch that F the 15 was conceptualized. We wanted to create a supportive, genuine community to demonstrate how to master living healthy and taking care of yourself while living away from home in a college campus environment. We began to interview young girls from around the nation attending different universities about their triumphs and challenges concerning their health when it came to transitioning to college life.

The response was overwhelming. The girls wanted to share their ideas, their fears, and their discoveries of what their campus had to offer when it came to living well. That’s when the ambassador program was initiated. F the 15 is a community of real girls on real campuses across the country sharing real ideas of how they face the daily challenges of taking care of themselves in college. Our goal is to grow F the 15 to represent every college in the nation so that no matter where you decide to continue your education after high school, F the 15 is a source that will provide you with everything you need to know about the health and wellness culture of the school you choose. #Fthe15


Sara Siskind

About Sara

Sara Siskind is a certified Nutritional Health Counselor and founder of Hands on Healthy. While Hands on Healthy is specifically known for hosting cooking classes customized towards families, adults, teens and children, they also create nutrition plans, detox programs and host events for the local community.

Sara Siskind has dedicated her life and career to educating clients on making the right lifestyle choices in order to look and feel their best every day. She believes that your everyday food and lifestyle choices affect your overall health, both in the present and future. Sara translates the complexity of integrated nutrition into usable tools with easy-to-cook recipes that appeal to the entire family.

Sara counsels privately to offer highly customized health and nutrition plans for her clients. She also works with parents on shopping and cooking smarter to create healthier homes. In addition, she teaches cooking classes at all levels with her signature “toss it in” approach. Sara’s expertise is regularly sought after by corporate and non-profit clients alike where she is a brand ambassador and regular public speaker.

Sara holds a BBA from the George Washington University. She has also studied at The Natural Gourmet Institute in New York City where she advanced her knowledge in cooking healthy, plant based-dishes. Sara resides in Long Island with her four children, along with her professional practice.


Keren Gilbert

About Keren

Keren, MS, RDN is a nutritionist, Founder and President of Decision Nutrition®, a nutrition consultant firm in Great Neck, NY and author of The HD Diet which focuses on a mind-body approach to weight loss both pleasurable and sustainable. Keren has counseled patients for years with experience in both the clinical and private settings. She has counseled patients with a variety of nutrition related issues including obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, pre-natal, pregnancy, and digestive issues. She has been featured in Self, Shape, Redbook, Seventeen, Cosmopolitan, US Weekly, and has appeared on NBC Today in New York, Access Hollywood and Fox and Friends, among others. She lives in New York with her husband and three sons.

Through her many years of counseling, Keren realized her true passion. That is to awaken her clients on how to make their “decision” to live their most healthy life through nutrition, and exercise. Keren believes that the first step lies within you. If you want to look and feel good, there is commitment involved.

Keren is a registered dietitian and certified nutritionist in the state of New York. Keren completed her Masters degree in nutrition and Food studies from New York University (NYU) and completed her dietetic residency at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. She is an accredited member of the American Dietetic Association and the Greater New York Dietetic Association. She is a member of Nutrition Entrepreneurs, Dietitians in Business, The Diabetes Care and Education Dietetic Practice Group and Sports, Cardiovascular, and Wellness Nutrition (SCAN).